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The Truth – Evidence of Biological Origins of SARS-CoV-2

We believe in finding the truth. We would like to investigate all theories that could explain the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 without predefined assumptions on what can or can not be true. We are an anonymous group of researchers. We are not affiliated with any company, nation state, or organization. We are not receiving funding from any sources, public or private. We are not doing this because we hate China, but because we love the truth. […]

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Contact Tracing App

Coronavirus? There’s an App for That

The apps built on top of Apple and Google’s new system will not be a ‘magic bullet’ techno-solution to the current state of the pandemic. The issue of malicious use particularly given this current climate of disinformation, Fake News, and political manipulation. […]

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Food Processing What You Should Know

Over past couple of weeks you have seen something vast majority of us have never seen in our lifetime. LIMITED supply of meat products across the country. Restrictions on the amount you can buy. This has become the new “normal”. This is just the beginning and it will get worse before it gets better. […]

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Viral Misinformation

Quarantine has led many to buy into crackpot theories like, spread of infections via 5G cell phone towers. Now, those that are rational are seeking legit sources of information…but more and more people are losing it. Feel free to use the information in this story to educate your friends. […]

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Coronavirus Facts & Information

we take a no-nonsense look at the information regarding the virus. There will be no discussion of politics, opinions, and conspiracy theories. The discussion here will sole revolve around the virus itself, safety, rumors, questions, and information surrounding it. […]

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